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Adoption Agencies in BirminghamBirmingham-AL-Adoption-ServiceAdoption Service Birmingham

Are You Looking for a Private Adoption Service in Birmingham?

Adoption Service Birmingham is a private adoption agency that has been bringing birth parents and adoptive parents together. Our small, licensed agency is dedicated to providing the full range of needed services, including counseling and emotional support to birth parents, as well as help getting to counseling and OB/GYN appointments. We also offer counseling to adoptive parents, along with home studies and other services. We are dedicated to working with Alabama birth mothers and their chosen adoptive families to develop adoption plans that result in loving, secure placements.

You Have a Choice in Adoption Agencies in Birmingham

We are not the only adoption agency in Birmingham, but we like to think we are the very best, both from the perspective of birth parents and adoptive parents. Because we care deeply about all parties involved, it’s important for us to provide our clients with counseling services and education. Our staff members are available around the clock, throughout the process and after. We carefully screen prospective adoptive parents and limit the number we accept in order to provide the highest-quality individual attention and quicker placements.

Open and Closed Birmingham Adoptions

Adoption practices have changed over the years, and much for the better. Though closed adoptions are still an option if that is what a birth mother and adoptive parents prefer, the majority of birth mothers today request varying levels of openness in their adoption plans. Birth parents are able to select from a group of potential adoptive families that have already been approved by our agency. Letters and pictures from the families help the birth parents make their decisions. Birth parents have the option of meeting the adoptive family and developing relationships that continue as the child grows. Adoptive parents also have options in the degree of openness with which they are comfortable.

Let Us Help Make Your Dreams Come True

If you are a birth mother considering adoption for your baby or a couple desiring a Birmingham adoption, contact us today to discuss your options and learn more about our services. We look forward to meeting with birth mothers anywhere in Alabama.

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